Our Vision

FourteenSix is a gathering of people who have put their trust in Jesus for their lives. We exist to W.E.L.D. people together for the building up of all in our family toward spiritual maturity in following Jesus.

W.E.L.D. means:


We are a worshiping church. We believe in expressive and powerful worship music that stirs the hearts of believers towards the wonders of God’s love. We have a modern style of music that appeals to today’s listener.


We are an evangelizing church. We want to share the hope of Jesus with everyone that we can and by every means that God allows. While we will try to avoid Christian jargon that the average person may not understand, we want to proclaim God’s truth without shame and without compromise.


We are a loving church. We are committed to caring for our city in practical ways that are relevant to the REAL needs of the community. In Surprise, this means a focus on connecting people, working with youth and developing Christian education.


We are a church that makes disciples. We want people to get a taste for solid teaching and meaty messages from the Bible that challenge them for growth. Our teaching is about the Bible – making sense out of life, one page at a time.