The Baillies

Dear family and Friends,

Hello from Cambodia, where the borders are closed and the heightened sense of fear is rising. Although the government has not required people to stay in, we are distancing ourselves as much as possible as many of you have been doing. At the time of the posting on this page, there have only been 90 cases reported here, but most people have become very paranoid and fearful. Not wearing a mask is considered foolish.

We realize that most of you are experiencing very difficult times right now – may we all take refuge in the Father. Let’s be the church in our homes and let's give our fears and anxieties about the future to Him. As a family, we are praying for all of you and for all the nations of the world.
Over the last couple of months, as the world shut down, opportunity seemed to open up for us. While there have been major daily restrictions, social distancing and even border closures, we have been able to make some major progress in the, soon to be, wood shop. Amazingly, all of the equipment that we’ve been waiting for since November, from three different locations outside of Cambodia, somehow arrived within a couple weeks of each other even as the borders were closed.

 As we finalize the shop set up and sign our lease agreement, the next step will be to officially register the company into the Kingdom of Cambodia. 
 We also got our first work order! A local Christian NGO has asked us to furnish out one of their outdoor spaces. This NGO has a beautiful outdoor retreat center far out in the Kep province – one of a kind for Cambodia.  Please pray for us and our delivery of this entire project. If the order goes well its likely they will ask us to do more.

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