The Baillies

Dear family and Friends,

We are Ryan and Nikki Baillie, and we have been living in Cambodia for 7-years. There are six of us in our crew, two boys, Zeb and Asher, and two girls- Jaya and Eden. It is our desire to be a part of the great commission of making disciples by way of life-on-life discipleship. Starting with a daily investment in the workplace and moving beyond into our personal lives, we are able to live, work, love, play and pray alongside many Cambodians. Our heart is to live out the purpose of bringing Gods love to life.

We are excited for what we believe God is going to do through this business for His glory.
Thank you for doing all this and sharing our family and ministry with your Church family.


We have just launched a woodworking business called Original Design Woodworks. Our desire is to provide a space where people can be employed, be creative, be developed as individuals, hear the gospel, and be discipled along the way. We see this business as an authentic way to live among the people of Cambodia. We are building a business for the community.

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