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Bible Translation in Papua, New Guiena

God called Terry and Cyndi to support Bible translation with Wycliffe in 2014. They realized the needs in Papua New Guinea (over 850 languages; with 176 languages having translation projects underway, while about 311 languages still needing engagement). Terry and Cyndi completed their required training and after building their partnership team, they moved to Papua New Guinea in July 2016, along with their youngest son, Levi.
Till All Have Heard.....Eph 4:16

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Terry is serving as the Regional Director for the Highlands Region. He assists and manages the translation teams and makes regular visits to the language communities, maintaining relationships with Papua New Guinean leaders. Terry also manages the Highlands Audio Bible Project where he coordinates audio recordings for the solar powered audio Bibles. These audio Bibles have had a huge impact on overcoming illiteracy and we are seeing many lives changed, as they hear God's Word for the first time in their own heart language.

Cyndi is using her skills in Bookkeeping and Accounting with the Finance office in Ukarumpa, the main center for translation work in Papua New Guinea.

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