Mike and Jeanine Gooch

"Soustei" (Hello in Khmer)

After being blessed with many opportunities to serve in our local community and church, God has called us to return to the mission field overseas again. We launched our journey to Phnom Penh, Cambodia in October of 2020. We are diving right into learning the culture and studying the Khmer language, and loving every minute of it!
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Our impact

We have many pieces to our mission. We have come alongside our missionary family, Ryan and Nikki Baillie, and their four children as they move into the next season of their ministry. As they are facing new struggles with health, their children’s education, and mental endurance, our role will be to support them by being a physical presence.

Mike is working with an organization called Khalibre, which is a BAM (Business As Mission), using his skills in data and analytics. The organization changes lives in Cambodia by providing professional skills and real job opportunities to Khmer people. Their products significantly improve the capability of mission workers and agencies across the world.

Jeanine is teaching at Hope International School as an Art Teacher and Library Assistance. She started in January 2021 and is very excited about the opportunity to work with children again.

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