Rick Baldridge

Elder and Greeting Ministry Director

How long I've been attending CCFS and my role here:
I have been attending CCFS less than 2 years and started serving a couple of months later. I was anointed as an elder in January of 2020.

I oversee the greeters and help create a welcoming atmosphere from the moment you walk up. I love welcoming my brothers and sisters into their Father’s house.

How I came to know the Lord:
I started going to church with my mom when I was about fourteen and accepted the Lord as my Savior about 3 years later.

TIME IS SHORT. Rule #1 Keep your eyes on Jesus Rule #2 Stay Flexible Rule #3 If you are still having problems, go back to Rule #1
Favorite Bible Verses:
Acts 13:22 This verse is special to me because even after all of David’s mistakes God still loved him, and He loves me because His grace is amazing.

Favorite worship songs:
"Amazing Grace"

Favorite quotes from Sermons:
“Don’t sit on the fence because the devil owns the fence.” Pastor Greg
“Remember, the rapture can happen at ANY time.” Pastor Pat