Warren & Inez Way

Compassion Ministry Directors

How long I've been attending CCFS and my role here:
Darren and I have been at CCFS since summer of 2019. We recently started the role of Compassion Ministry Director . We look forward to praying, supporting and GOD WILLING blessing our church family as needed.

How I came to know the Lord:
Inez was attending a Costa Mesa Calvary Chapel outreach at age 16. The love that was shared that evening and the message that JESUS loved me! 
Warren invited JESUS into his heart after hearing Pastor Chuck speak about salvation and the LOVE of JESUS.
Favorite Bible Verses:
Inez’s is JOHN 14:6 and Warren’s is ROMANS 8:28.

Favorite worship songs:
Inez’s “Thy Will Be Done and Warren’s “It Is Well With My Soul”.

Favorite quotes from Pastor Pat's Sermons:
“The Rapture Can Happen At Any Time” AMEN!