Pastor Steven Alkire

Associate Pastor of Administration and Young Adults

How long I've been attending CCFS and my role here:
I started attending CCFS in April of 2019 and I came on staff a couple of months later. I was ordained as a Pastor at CCFS in January of 2020.

At CCFS, I get to be a blessing broker in order to help people get connected in ministry. Every day is a new adventure and another opportunity to be amazed by what God has in store for me.

How I came to know the Lord:
My parents helped led me to the Lord when I was young after watching a Christian movie.

Favorite Bible Verses:
2 Timothy 3:14-15 This verse reminds me to be thankful for the blessing of growing up with Godly examples in my life and to remain faithful to the things I’ve learned from them.

Favorite worship songs:
"Here I Am" by Lincoln Brewster and "Here I Am" by Jeremy Camp. Both songs define what it means to surrender everything to God’s grace and trust Him completely no matter what.

Favorite quotes from Pastor Pat's Sermons:
"The rapture can happen at any time."