Our Story

In 2004, a small group of folks (The Pastor’s family and 2 intrepid adventurers) – decided there was a need for a Bible teaching church with a commitment to “going deeper.”
We were interested in solid Bible teaching. We wanted to know how logic, science, history and “the deep stuff” shows WHY the Bible can be trusted and Christianity is true. We wanted authentic worship music. We wanted a friendly place where people would feel welcome rather than creating a “we’re better than you club.”

How it all started...

In February 2004, The Way and the Truth Christian Fellowship (now Calvary Chapel FourteenSix) was born in a Bingo hall on the edge of the desert. In the years since, FourteenSix has changed its name twice (once to FourteenSix – after our founding verse John 14:6 - and most recently to Calvary Chapel FourteenSix), moved three times and grown into owning our own building. Our goal has always been, and will continue to be, working to make disciples of Jesus Christ.
No matter how many people attend FourteenSix, our goal is to help everyone who is willing to CONNECT with God and others in an authentic way, DO what God is leading us to do and GROW like never before.

We want to CONNECT with God on HIS terms, not ours. Human religion is the human attempt to reach up to God and no one can reach that high. Jesus is God reaching down to us and no one can accept that on any terms other than God’s terms.

We want to CONNECT with each other in authentic ways.
We want to DO what God is leading us to do.
When we really CONNECT and we really DO, then we can't help but GROW like never before.

Where we are headed...

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"
- Matthew 28:19

Through the grace of God, we are a growing church. Our ambitions are to minister to, teach, and baptize disciples to grow His kingdom. Through missions overseas and close to home, we expand our reach to tell His story to others. We reach out to not only find like minded believers, but to partner with them to encourage others towards evangelism and discipleship.

God has made our efforts successful. Our church is growing, and continues to do so. We are constantly evaluating how to adjust our Sunday services, small groups, and various ministries to best accommodate the growth. We are excited to witness and experience how God is moving in our church!

We are actively collecting and growing our new building fund.