Sandra Catalano 


How long I've been attending CCFS and my role here:
 I have been at CCFS since November 2018. I have entered my ministry in July 2019.
I see that our facilities are kept orderly, neat, and clean for all members and visitor who enter God’s church. The reason I do it. I am doing a service for God above all. I am also doing a service for all who enter. I am also blessed with an inner sense of joy as I clean.

How I came to know the Lord:
I have always believed in Him as far as I can remember, but it was through events in my life and where it left me with the realization the magnitude of the need for Him and to draw closer relationship with Him.
Favorite Bible Verses:
John 3:16 It shows His love and give us hope for eternal life with Him through His promise.
Psalm 118:14 I like this because it shows He is with me and through Him I can endure. He is my hope and I delight and praise Him. He is my salvation.

Favorite worship songs:
 My favorite worship is “Here I am to Worship” by Chris Tomlin. It is truly a worship and praise song. You are speaking to Him…. Humbly bowing down before him… worshiping Him… expressing gratitude. This is a song that resonates deeply within me. Connected me to God to a place to worship Him. I do enjoy very much Mercy Me and songs like Shake and Greater. But not for connection to worship.

Favorite quotes from Pastor Pat's Sermons:
" If a verse makes sense, don’t look for any other sense."